Our international team includes lawyers, social workers and other professionals who work together to fight gendercide in India. The Pink Foundation Headquarters is in the U.S., with partner offices in various locations in India. We help Indians rescue vulnerable girls. We help the government pursue justice. We create a movement of likeminded people in India. We support indigenous people and entities in their work to combat this atrocity. Our primary contact is with Jyoti Sarup Kanya Asra that shelters, homes, educated rescued girls. Dr. Haminder Singh travels the nation on need basis so that girls are not left on street or become part of national orphanages that lack proper care and security for girls. Our organization and our girls home is currently running purely on private donations.

Gendercide in India must end. The Pink Foundation is committed to shedding light on this atrocity, combatting it, and caring for its survivors

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