How many LIVES could we SAVE if each one of US got FIVE of our friends to donate JUST $5?

And then, what if THREE of those friends started their own campaigns and got FIVE more friends to donate…just $5? And then, what if five more people followed? And, five more followed? And…

Why, we could create a movement! A little adds up to a LOT. More people learn and more people start caring.

And you know what? Real LIVES of precious little girls ARE SAVED. Can you help us start this movement?

Please start your own campaign today. You are truly are helping to save lives!


Did you know $35 supports one little girl in India for a month? How many birthday presents do we get every year that are even more than $35?

This year, instead of gifts on your big day, ask for your friends to help show a little girl in India how valuable her life truly is.

Take these easy steps:

  • 1. Just decide to “give” your birthday to The Pink Foundation.
  • 2. Then, start a fundraising page and ask your friends to give in honor of your big day!

100% of what you raise will go to helping save little girls in India!

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